Motya: 7 coins

Motya 3
Obv. Forepart of horse to right.
Rev. Palm-tree; Punic legend.

Motya 5
Obv. Female head facing.
Rev. Head of unbearded young man to right.

Motya 7
Obv. Female head facing; two dolphins.
Rev. Head of man to right; corn-grain.

Motya 9
Obv. Head of man to right, wearing earrings.
Rev. Crab.

Motya 10
Obv. Head of bearded man with mustache.
Rev. Crab.

Motya 11
Obv. Male beardless head to right.
Rev. Crab.

Motya 12
Obv. Bearded male head to right.
Rev. Crab; below, pellet.

  • By Alessandro Calciati & Massimiliano Bertelli
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