Iaitos: 6 coins

Iaitos 1
Obv. Man-headed bull to right.
Rev. Ear of corn.

Iaitos 2
Obv. Bust of Athemis to right.
Rev. Arthemis standing left.

Iaitos 3
Obv. Warrior facing, holding spear and shield.
Rev. IAITINΩN within laurel wreath.

Iaitos 4
Obv. Head of young warrior to right.
Rev. Warrior standing left.

Iaitos 6
Obv. Laureate and bearded head to left.
Rev. Heracles standing left.

Iaitos 7
Obv. Bearded head of Heracles to right.
Rev. Gorgoneion at center of triskeles.

  • By Alessandro Calciati & Massimiliano Bertelli
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